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Fearless Film Media

2021 Demo Reel
2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
Fearless Film Media is a sibling team videography company based in Lancaster, PA. Our goal is to bring glory to God in everything that we do. Whether in the actual videos themselves or in the making of them, we strive to do everything for the glory of God.
Do you have a business that needs a promo?
Do you have a wedding coming up?
Do you have a house that needs to be showcased?
Are you in need of someone to document your event?
Do you have a passion that needs to be heard?
Well then, look no further. Fearless Film Media will solve all those needs. We specialize in filming videos tailored to your desires. Contact us down below! We will get you what you need!
Who We Are
Joy Durmaz
Hi, my name is Joy. Welcome to Fearless Film Media!
I am so glad that you took a moment to check out our business!
My goal for this business is to serve you as my client and make excellent videos that communicate exactly what you want.
I also want to tell stories that are not well known. There are many truths that have been hidden from us. And we have been propagandized to believe what we have been told or what we hear. We need people who fear God and not man to bring out the truth for all people. It is my goal to film those stories that bring people to the truth. I also want to use film to impact generations to come with the truth that Jesus is ruling the earth today and will come back for His people who are faithful to Him!​​​
My other interests include cooking wonderful food for my family, playing the piano, learning the violin, sewing costumes, singing, playing volleyball, horseback riding, reenacting history and I love all my siblings and love doing projects with them. 

Josiah Durmaz

Hello, my name is Josiah. I am the third born of my five siblings and I am also the only boy. 
I am the second shooter on most gigs and help with just about anything.

I am the mail fetcher, garbage changer, car detailer, kombucha maker, household fixer, and researcher. I like to fix and repair items. I love reading, the outdoors, exploring nature, and animals. 

Victoria Durmaz

Salutations! (That’s just a fancy way of saying hello.) My name is Victoria. As you can probably tell by the first word in my bio, I love words. Yes, I am a logophile and also enjoy descriptive and narrative writing.

I will bring my gift of writing to help brainstorm with you and turn your idea into a creative story that will then be made into a video.

Since I love poetry and music, I play the piano, work on learning the violin and cherish the desire to write poems and compose songs in worship of the One Who died for me and lives again. I delight in singing praises to Him at all hours of the day and night, as others must remind me to keep my voice down.

As one of a family of seven, I have several more loves besides my Father in heaven and my parents and four siblings, including horses and horseback riding, reading (of course!), raising rabbits, playing volleyball with my family and friends, and ultimately, fulfilling the needs and desires of others.
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Joy Durmaz
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Josiah Durmaz

Victoria Durmaz
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